Catalog of works

Joel Mandelbaum: CATALOGUE OF WORKS BY CATEGORY (as of 2021)

A number (opus or catalogue number) can mean anything from a two-and-a-half-
hour opera to a two-minute song. Where very short works from approximately the same period, or the same text author and the same genre could sensibly be rolled into one catalogue number I have done so, but in some cases a very short work has been left standing alone.

CategoryNumberTitleDate WrittenLengthInstrumentationNo. of Mvts / Songs
A: Orchestral003Scherzo, An Interview with Coach19495 Minutes2222.423.1
A: Orchestral008Convocation Overture19516 Minutes2222.221.2
A: Orchestral010Piano Concerto195328 Minutes2222.222.23
A: Orchestral022Sursum Corda196017 Minutes2222.322.3.hp-
A: Orchestral024Sinfonia Concertante196228 Minutes2022.220.3
A: Orchestral028Memorial for String Orchestra19658 Minutes--
A: Orchestral033Trumpet Concerto196820 Minutes3232.413.3.hp2
A: Orchestral069Cello Concertino198510 Minutes2222.210.1-
A: Orchestral050.AChaconne19795 Minutes1111.100
A: Orchestral095In Sainte Chapelle20029 Minutes1211.210.1-
A: Orchestral108In Marian Woods200716 Minutes2222.323.2.hp-
B: Chamber Music Without Piano016Wind Quintet #1195717 Minutes3
B: Chamber Music Without Piano020First String Quartet195920 Minutes4
B: Chamber Music Without Piano029Intermezzo19664 qnt-
B: Chamber Music Without Piano041Romance for String Trio19734
B: Chamber Music Without Piano043. AFanfare for 3 Trumpets19744 Minutes-
B: Chamber Music Without Piano043. BFanfare arranged for Brass Quintet-
B: Chamber Music Without Piano050Chaconne and Scherzo197911 Minuteswind qnt.str trio.db2
B: Chamber Music Without Piano050. AChaconne19795 Minutes
B: Chamber Music Without Piano050. B.Scherzo19796 Minutes
B: Chamber Music Without Piano054Second String Quartet197916 Minutes3
B: Chamber Music Without Piano064Ceremonial for String Trio19835 Minutes-
B: Chamber Music Without Piano071Postlude: Auld Laing Syne for String Quartet19864 Minutes-
B: Chamber Music Without Piano079Duo Sonata for Violin and Cello198922 Minutes3
B: Chamber Music Without Piano080The Fish on the Rocks for Clarinet and Percussion198910 Minutes-
B: Chamber Music Without Piano083Woodwind Quintet #2 in 31-Tone Temperament199114 Minutes-
B: Chamber Music Without Piano088Loss and Remembrance19963 MinutesString Trio-
B: Chamber Music Without Piano099. AWedding Music: Margaret and Raul20026 Minutesflute & string trio-
B: Chamber Music Without Piano099. BWedding Music: Clare and Charles20034 Minutes2 cellos-
C: Chamber Music With Piano002Moderato for Cello and Piano19497 Minutes-
C: Chamber Music With Piano005Sonata for Flute and Piano195015 Minutes3
C: Chamber Music With Piano015Song for Oboe and Piano19564 Minutes-
C: Chamber Music With Piano024Sinfonia Concertante arranged as a Quintet196228 Minutespf, ob,hn,vn,vc. 3
C: Chamber Music With Piano040. ATwo Ceremonials:
Ceremonial I
19723 Minutesfl + hp or pf-
C: Chamber Music With Piano040. BTwo Ceremonials:
Ceremonial II
19735 Minutesvc & pf-
C: Chamber Music With Piano042Suite for Alto Recorder and Piano197419 Minutes5
C: Chamber Music With Piano056Sonata for 2 Pianos198015 Minutes2
C: Chamber Music With Piano058Sonata for Oboe and Piano198123 Minutes3
C: Chamber Music With Piano062Sonata for Clarinet and Piano198316 Minutes3
C: Chamber Music With Piano070Sonata for Cello and Piano198627 Minutes4
C: Chamber Music With Piano072Rabbi Azrael's Prayers19875 Minutesvc & pf-
C: Chamber Music With Piano078Westwind for Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano19884 Minutes-
C: Chamber Music With Piano093Movement for Viola and Piano20004 Minutes-
C: Chamber Music With Piano112Waiting for the Thaw200811 Minutesvn. vc. & pf.3
C: Chamber Music With Piano116To Make the Center Hold200910 Minutespf 4 hands-
C: Chamber Music With Piano118Prelude and Postlude for Piano Trio20126 and 9 Minutes2
C: Chamber Music With Piano121Fantasy With Upper Partials for Horn and Piano20156 Minutes-
D: Solo Works004. APrelude and Poem:
19493 MinutesPiano
D: Solo Works004. BPrelude and Poem:
19503 MinutesPiano
D: Solo Works019Sonata195817 MinutesPiano4+
D: Solo Works025Little Pieces;
Puckstückchenleine 1&2, Intermezzo, Sonatinetta after Scarlatti
19642, 1, 2, & 4 MinutesPiano4
D: Solo Works081Two Studies for Harp19905 & 4 MinutesHarp2
D: Solo Works082Homage for Piano19905 MinutesPiano-
D: Solo Works085Study for Well-Tempered Organ19925 MinutesOrgan-
E: Special Microtonal Works023Nine Preludes in 19-Tone Temperament196120 Minutes2 pf9
E: Special Microtonal Works026Ten Studies in 31-Tone Temperament196315 MinutesOrgan version, MS. Trio version, MS.
synthesizer, fl., bn.
E: Special Microtonal Works031Xenophony #119667 Minutes3 Hns & Trb OR 4 Hns3
E: Special Microtonal Works035Three Dream Songs19716 Minutes2 vns. and 31-tone organ3
E: Special Microtonal Works046Xenophony #2197716 Minuteswind & 31-t.org4
E: Special Microtonal Works051Four Miniatures for Archifoon19797 Minutes4
E: Special Microtonal Works053Study on the 7th Partial for Wind Quintet19794 Minutes-
E: Special Microtonal Works076Sonata for 2 violins in 31-Tone Tuning19879 Minutes3
E: Special Microtonal Works083Woodwind Quintet#2 in 31-tone Temperament199114 Minutes1
E: Special Microtonal Works121Fantasy With Upper Partials for Horn and Piano20156 Minutes-
F. Full Song Cycles018Fatal Interview (Millay)195820 MinutesS8
F. Full Song Cycles027The Falling of the Leaves (Yeats)196421 MinutesPf or Pf 4-hands, or wind qnt. string ensemble; SATB (four singers)10
F. Full Song Cycles038Memory (BIy, Roethke, Yeats)197310 MinutesM or B3
F. Full Song Cycles044She (Roethke)197517 MinutesPf or orch; S&B5
F. Full Song Cycles045A Wind of Fall (Leonie Adams)197514 Minutespf (P) or ensemble; S4
F. Full Song Cycles065Light and Shade (Susan Fox)198316; S4
F. Full Song Cycles066By Flowing Waters (Li Pai)19848, No Pf; S4
F. Full Song Cycles067I Journey Back (Millay)198413 MinutesS5
F. Full Song Cycles068In Deep Woods (Frost)19859 MinutesT3
F. Full Song Cycles073With Primeval Candor (Sarton)198617; M5
F. Full Song Cycles084Gestalt at Sixty (Sarton)199116; S3
F. Full Song Cycles096Quiet Homecoming (Leonie Adams)200214 MinutesPf; M5
F. Full Song Cycles101The Past Is Now (Sarton)20049 MinutesPf; S3
F. Full Song Cycles111The Flamenco Dancer (Karen Ethelsdattar)200913; M4
F. Full Song Cycles120The Face of Things (D.R.Goodman)20159 MinutesBn.Pf; S or M3
F. Full Song Cycles122Unfurl the Light (Susan Fox)201712 MinutesPf; S6
F. Full Song Cycles125In the Andes (Susan Fox)201911 MinutesFl. Pf. S3
G. Mini Cycles009Psalms 139 and 140 for Mezzo and Cello19526 MinutesNo pf2
G. Mini Cycles035Three Dream Songs (Judyth Berman Woolfe)19716 MinutesS3
G. Mini Cycles049. ATwo Irish Songs (Yeats):
Into the Twilight
19793; B
G. Mini Cycles049. BTwo Irish Songs (Yeats):
The Fiddler of Dooney
19793 ad lib; B
G. Mini Cycles074Borne by Warm Breezes (Caren Shilling)19876; S3
G. Mini Cycles087Two Prayers for the Sabbath (Gates of Prayer)19956 Minutesvc.obb; S2
G. Mini Cycles092Love Found and Lost and Found Again (Sarton)199210 MinutesS or M2
G. Mini Cycles097Bettina's Christmas Cards (Elizabeth S. Blake)20087 MinutesAny Voice7
G. Mini Cycles106. ATwo Shakespeare Sonnets:
Sonnet 106
20023 MinutesS-
G. Mini Cycles106. BTwo Shakespeare Sonnets:
Sonnet 73
20063 MinutesS-
G. Mini Cycles109. ATwo Settings of Mildred Berwitz:
Why Did I Let May Slip By?
20053 MinutesS-
G. Mini Cycles109. BTwo Settings of Mildred Berwitz:
In the Catskills
20073 MinutesB-
H: Collections of Short Songs047. AFour Short Song from the 1970's:
A. Rainbows of Darkness (Laura Eliasoph)
19732 Minutes
H: Collections of Short Songs047. BB. Rondeau (M.R. Mandelbaum)19731 Minute
H: Collections of Short Songs047. CC. Shadows (Lisa Giordano)19772 Minutes
H: Collections of Short Songs047. DD. Patricia's Family (Ellen Mandelbaum)19781 Minute
H: Collections of Short Songs094. AThree Prayers:
Prayer Before Work (Sarton)
20022 MinutesS
H: Collections of Short Songs094. BB. Be At My Side (Leah Fichandler)20023 MinutesSolo Voice or Chorus
H: Collections of Short Songs094. CC. Three Prayers:
Psalm 23
20022 MinutesSolo Voice
H: Collections of Short Songs100. AOpus 100:
Les Pas (Valery)
19993 MinutesS
H: Collections of Short Songs100. BB. Overheard Before Winter Recess (Jean Murphy)20042 MinutesAny Voice
H: Collections of Short Songs100. CC. The Lover Mourns for the Loss of Love (Yeats)20092 MinutesB
H: Collections of Short Songs102. ATwo late Sarton Poems:
A. Barcarole
20054 MinutesMezzo
H: Collections of Short Songs102. BB. Absence and Illness20054 MinutesMezzo
H: Collections of Short Songs103. AFour Settings of Ogden Nash:
A. Pretty Halcyon Days
19483 MinutesB
H: Collections of Short Songs103. BB. A Lady Thinks She’s Thirty19832 MinutesTTBB
H: Collections of Short Songs103. CC. The Private Dining Room19883 MinutesB
H: Collections of Short Songs103. DD. Let George Do It If You Can Find Him20054 MinutesB
H: Collections of Short Songs104. AThree Songs (Sketched in the 1950's, finished in the 2000's):
A. The Scholars (Yeats)
2 MinutesB
H: Collections of Short Songs104. BB. Sing Me No More (B.J.R.Stolper with FI. obbligato)4 MinutesT
H: Collections of Short Songs104. CC. The Two Priests (A.MacLeish)2 MinutesT or B
H: Settings of poems chosen by my composition classes105. AWhen Serpents… (E.E.Cummings)20052 MinutesM
H: 105. BNothing Gold Can Stay (Frost)20142 MinutesM
H:105. CA Dream Within a Dream (Poe)20153 MinutesM or S (with viola)
H:105. DThe Dream (Poe)20202 MinutesM
H:105. EUnder The Days (Grimke)20212 MinutesM
H: Collections of Short Songs110. ATwo Short Poems of Karen Ethelsdattar:
A. When I Look at You
20052 MinutesS or M
H: Collections of Short Songs110. BB. Making Play20051 MinuteS or M
I: Individual Songs and Duets034The Bold Hills (Robinson)19684 Minutes
I: Individual Songs and Duets039The Crazed Moon (Yeats)19733 MinutesB
I: Individual Songs and Duets057Memorial (Ecclesiastes)19816 MinutesB (pf. or chamber orchestra)
I: Individual Songs and Duets059The Avowal (Wilbur)19823 MinutesT or B
I: Individual Songs and Duets075. BThe Three-fold Blessing19904 Minutesvc, pf, S
I: Individual Songs and Duets077The Donor of the Great Bell of Cuzco (Susan Fox)19885 Minutespf or ob, guitar, marimba, db, cl (ad lib) ensemble; S
I: Individual Songs and Duets089To Autumn (Keats)19967 Minutesvc, pf, T
I: Individual Songs and Duets090Out of Time (Stepanchev)19974; S
I: Individual Songs and Duets091Guarda la Luna (Fox)19973 MinutesS and M (two singers)
I: Individual Songs and Duets098Renunciation (A.Meeropol)20033 MinutesB
I: Individual Songs and Duets107Melee (Brenda Carpenter Osayim)20065 MinutesS
I: Individual Songs and Duets115Dawn By The Sea (Malcolm Day)20103 MinutesT
I: Individual Songs and Duets117This Isle Is Full of Noises (Shakespeare)20103 MinutesT
I: Individual Songs119For Grandsir (T. Hart)20133 MinutesT or B
I: Individual Songs and Duets123. ANew Songs for Century Poets:
A. Veterans Day (Rose Styron)
20183 MinutesTrumpet & pf, S
I:123. BB. The Abbess of Whitby (Grace Schulman)20192 MinutesS or B
I:123. CC. Tunnel Walk, Spring Above(Lee Sloninsky)20193 MinutesB
I: 123. DD. Music is Time (Jill Bialosky)20204 MinutesB and (S or M)
I: 123. E
E. Three Villanelles (Victoria Murphy)
a. I yet would tell you
b. Birds in winter
c. Summer villanelle
20213 Minutes eachM or S
J: Works for Chorus001. ATwo Christmas Choruses:
A Christmas Message (Elizabeth S. Blake)
19463 Minutes
J: Works for Chorus001. BB. A Christmas Carol (Samuel T. Coleridge)19484 Minutes
J: Works for Chorus006Of Music (Shakespeare)19515 MinutesA cappella or with mixed ensemble
J: Works for Chorus011Mass195422 MinutesMen's Voices with Organ
J: Works for Chorus021Psalms 120 and 12119604 & 5 Minuteswith pf or & db
J: Works for Chorus300Three Pastoral Choruses (MacLeish)19673, 6 & 3 Minuteswith two cl. & S solo
J: Works for Chorus037The Everlasting Voices (Yeats)19722 MinutesA Cappella
J: Works for Chorus048The Cloisters, Fort Tryon Park (Samuel Yellen)19788 Minuteswith 4 fl. hn. trn. va. vc. db. hp. or 4 recorders, cornetto, sackbut, treble viol, viola de gamba, bass viol. and 2 lutes
J: Works for Chorus052Psalm 126 (Hebrew)19794 Minuteswith piano or organ or ensemble such as string quartet
J: Works for Chorus055Sea Surface Full of Clouds (Stevens)197916 MinutesSATB soloists & orchestra
J: Works for Chorus060The Farm (MacLeish)19827 Minutesa cappella or with cello
J: Works for Chorus061On the Edge of Song (Susan Fox)19834 Minuteswith Pf or str. sextet
J: Works for Chorus075A Mourner's Kaddish (Aramaic, Hebrew & English)198715 Minuteswith orch.
J: Works for Chorus087. BTwo Prayers for the Sabbath (Creation)19953 Minuteswith keyboard, vc optional
J: Works for Chorus104. BThe Two Priests (MacLeish)20092 Minutespf, SATB
J: Works for Chorus113. A, B, CChoral Response and Hymn for U.U. (Goethe-Southworth, J.H.Holmes)2005, 20071 Minute, 3 Minutes
J: Works for Chorus114Sunset Concert in Sainte ChapelIe (S.Fox)20065; SATB, Sopr solo
K: Operas012The Man in the Man-Made Moon195540 Minutes1111.111.1.str
K: Operas017The Four Chaplains (M.R.Mandelbaum)195740 Minutes2121.221.2.hp.str
K: Operas036The Dybbuk (S.Ansky ps.)1972155 Minutes2222.4231.3.hp, 31-tone keyboard instrument.str4 Acts
K: Operas036. AThe Dybbuk1978135 Minutesaltered version for Queens College performance2 Acts
K: Operas086The Village1995140 Minutes2222.323.2.hp.str2 Acts
L: Satires Musical Comedies and Film Score007Secret Symphony K-13 (w. Steven A. Davis)195118 Minuteschor & orch4
L: Satires Musical Comedies and Film Score013Tea and Empathy (Dorothea Schmidt Wender)1956Musical in 2 Acts
L: Satires Musical Comedies and Film Score014Love Defies Analysis (Leah Fichandler)1956Musical in 2 Acts
L: Satires Musical Comedies and Film Score032A Two Bedlam House (John Garrett)1967Musical in 1 Act
L: Satires Musical Comedies and Film Score063As You Dislike It (Leah Fichandler)1983Musical in 2 Acts
L: Satires Musical Comedies and Film Score124Gold Coasting201813 MinutesFl.Cl.Bn.Tp.Trn.Pf. Str qrt.-

A readily playable, rather Hindemithian work with a songlike middle movement, and a jazzy middle section to the quick finale. Has had some successful student performances in the distant past.

A commissioned work for chamber orchestra, based on impressions made by the glass in Ste. Chapelle in Paris. Premiere March 2002 in Minneapolis by the MN Sinfonia under Jay Fishman. Queens performance Feb. 6, 2003. Performance underDong Hyun Kim in New York in March 2010. Some drama in the middle portion of the work resulting from my discovery, while in the middle of composing the piece, that the windows that had appeared the loveliest, depicted the Book of Revelation, joyously heralding the end of the world by fire, the veneration of which makes it seem to me to be a most dangerous text. Has recently been recorded as part of Harmonize Your Spirit With My Calm by Ravello Records.

I thought originally that this would be the first movement of a cello concerto, but the resolution at its conclusion seems so complete that I have been loath to add anything despite having had sketches for more. Sonata form, but with some interesting surprises, especially in how the recapitulation reconstructs the exposition. Dae-il Yang performed this with Munoz in 2007.

Inspired by Tolstoy's War and Peace, the first movement finds the trumpet in its conventional martial role in a music full of extremes; the second movement is relatively peaceful and steady throughout. Richard Titone has played this a number of times over 40 years.

What starts out as a framed, contained expression becomes unexpectedly intensified upon the return of the opening theme. This work has had five performances, each with a different conductor.

Requires good soloists and a very attentive orchestra. As the texture is fuller than in my other works, clarity must be sought in performance. To my ears it is always tuneful, clear, well worked through and interesting. A piano reduction of the orchestral music exists, (MS) making this piece also performable as a quintet. A piano 4-hand arrangement also exists. (MS) Commissioned by Burt and Judy Malkiel who asked for something patterned after the Baroque concerto grosso and containing "rhythmic counterpoint", it was first performed at Queens College about 10 years later. The first movement was performed at my 2007 concert. Of particular interest is the form of the middle movement in which a 9-measure harmonic theme (with horn microtones) is treated alternately as a chaconne with expanding textures and a series of free variations alternately featuring the different soloists. In between an orchestral ritornello appears periodically, expanding each time.

A risk-taking work with perhaps greater strengths and greater weaknesses than my other early works. Inspired by the peroration demanding fulfillment of the psalmic command to "give thanks" and by the detail of Gregorian melody I had found most beautiful while serving the Army chaplains (the Sursum Corda, whose text declares the saying of thanks to be right and just), the piece is a kind of programmatic survey of aspirations and setbacks, eventually finding reasons to give thanks fully and freely. A passionate work. Had a very recent first public performance by the Nova Philharmonic at Queens College. This was the last of three works written in response to my military experience with the Chaplains Corps. The others were my Mass (#11 section J) and The Four Chaplains, (#17, section K).

Later used as Overture for #17. A readily performable work. Its first performance, as an entreacte to an evening of theater presented by the National Convocation of Methodist Youth in Lafayette IN in 1951, had the largest audience before which any work of mine was performed. It has had four performances since, most recently in New York in 2011 by the Nova Philharmonic under Donghyun Kim.

I do not know whether parts exist. This piece has not been played since an MENC convention in St. Louis in 1950. My recent re-evaluation of very early works has caused me to give this work a number. It was written to put a humorous spin on a disciplinary episode at Interlochen and to give me practice at orchestration. The performance was seriously rehearsed and well received. I treasure a recently discovered photograph of the occasion.

This concerto was composed in 1952-3 for Ann Besser Scott, a fellow student in Cambridge and premiered by her.  This 2007 performance of the first movement is conducted by Tito Munoz and played by Hadassah Guttmann.  A new cadenza, written for this performance, is based on Hadassah’s name (in German usage, H is B-natural and S is E-flat).

A companion piece to In Sainte Chapel/e, this work, inspired by Ellen's glass at Marian Woods, Hartsdale, NY, focuses, sequentially, on various window groups ending with the Resurrection. The two final sections, depicting the Crucifixion Chapel and the Resurrection triptych, use Gregorian melodies as their themes. Portions of the bassoon part are  microtonally notated, owing to the availability of Johnny Reinhard to play it.  If your bassoonist prefers not to deal in microtones, the nearest higher pitch is acceptable.